EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – Back to school is starting Monday for multiple school districts in the area, including East St. Louis School District 189. Classes officially got underway at 7:30 a.m. at East St. Louis Senior High School.

Back-to-school welcome signs were all around the high school Monday morning. There were lots of positive vibes there to get the school year off to a positive start for the students.

About 1,100 students attend school at East St. Louis Senior High. There is a new principal on campus this year as well. Dr. Brittany Green is replacing Alonzo Nelson. Green served seven years as principal of the Wyvetter Younge School of Excellence and has won multiple awards for her leadership.

Students throughout District 189 are only able to wear clear backpacks to school as a safety issue. They may also bring binders.

School uniforms are required for students in preschool through 8th grade. High school students don’t have to wear uniforms, but they must adhere to a dress code that is detailed in the student handbook.

FOX 2 spoke earlier with Principal Green and junior student Aria Brown about what their focus is for this new school year.

“I’m just focused on getting my academics fully in order,” Brown said. “I’m really focused on the SAT. I’m really focused on getting everything just right to go to college. I just want to get everything in order.”

Green added, “I believe us listening to students and making sure that we’re planning rigorous lessons that are engaging, that are bringing in real-world experiences, allowing students to get up and collaborate amongst each other-student led lessons. And then also giving teachers the opportunity to talk to other peers.”

Multiple Illinois districts in the area start later this week. Then many Missouri districts start next week as well.