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MADISON, Ill. – You may have smelled something odd if you were in downtown St. Louis on Wednesday. It was due to a big fire that burned for hours across the river in Madison, Illinois.

Firefighters from at least 10 departments, including St. Louis City, worked to contain the fire as it swept through a recycling business in southwestern Illinois. The smell caused by the fire now has the EPA involved.

The fire broke out around 2 a.m. at the Interco recycling plant, which recycles metals, computers, and electronics.

The fire is under control now but it was a different story earlier Wednesday morning, when dozens of residents were forced to evacuate and some residents are still concerned about the odor.

Orders were given to nearby residents to evacuate as the fire burned rapidly.

“I kept looking out my window every hour; saw the flames shooting way up in the air,” said Darla Hunt.

The flames could be seen for miles. Authorities say at least four separate buildings collapsed. Residents on both sides of the river complained about the smell.

The EPA arrived on the scene late Wednesday afternoon to test the air quality and to make sure there are no serious health risks or air pollution. The cause of the fire remains under investigation and there were no injuries to report