FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill. – Debra King opened her garage door for a neighborhood Halloween gathering Tuesday night. She and other Fairview Heights residents shared sadness over news of a morning fire a few blocks away at the Savers thrift store on Lincoln Trail.

“We were just all in shock that that happened to our community,” Alicia Tolle, Fairview Heights resident, said.

Tolle donates items to the store because Savers donates a portion of their sales to local non-profits. Fire officials said the three-alarm blaze appeared to start in the area behind the store, where two trailers were filled with donations.

Residents are hopeful the store will be able to reopen because only a small amount of fire entered the building. The store did take on significant smoke and water damage.

“Hopefully they can get it cleaned up, and they can get back in business,” King said.

Tolle said, “If they can’t salvage that building, hopefully they can find somewhere else because we really, really enjoy shopping there.”

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.