MADISON, Ill. – Saturday, thousands of fans were out at the World Wide Technology Racetrack in Madison, Illinois to watch the Bommarito Automotive Group Indy 500 race. 

“It is the feeling of having your head out the window, I know they have the air screens on them now, but I think that’s what to me makes it more attractive than NASCAR is it’s just more traditional and open feeling and it’s faster and louder, maybe not louder, but to me, it’s a more pure form of motor racing,” said Adam Crepin.

Adam and Bob Crepin are from the St. Louis area and said spending time out on the racetrack is great for family time. 

“It’s louder, it’s faster and in a baseball town it’s harder for people to know racing but I’ve been doing something in racing since the 70s and it’s just in my blood,” said Bob Crepin.

There were families out at the track with similar stories, fathers who got their sons involved in Indy racing and now share the passion together. 

“I took my son to the Indy races when he was a little kid in Watkins Glen in New York, that’s close to our home and he just really liked it and really picked up on it and got me to be a super fan,” said Mark Bofinger.

Mark Bofinger and his son, Robert, drove 12 hours to see the race in Illinois.

“I love how fast they are, I love that it’s the American top tier American racing and I love just seeing them race,” said Robert Bofinger.