EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – Our You Paid For It Team gets results for an East St. Louis resident with a terrible problem.

Victoria Moore lives in a housing project in East St. Louis. Her unit had a hole in the floor big enough that an adult could put their foot in it. In fact, you could see down into the basement.

For years, Moore tried to get the East St. Louis Housing Authority to take care of the matter, but to no avail. She finally reached out to FOX 2 for help.

She worried not only for her own safety, but also her grandchildren who visited.

“Maybe one of them might stick their foot in there and break their leg or something. It’s been a long running nightmare,” she said. “(The problem existed) for about 6 or 7 years, and it keep getting worse and worse, and I kept asking for help they didn’t do anything.”

FOX 2 went to the housing authority and we spoke with someone in the executive director’s office. Within a week, city workers were at her apartment to fix the floor.

Now, Moore said she’s able to mop her floor and have guests over without being embarrassed.