DUPO, Ill. – Ameren Illinois and Spectrum utility workers restored power and internet to homes in Dupo after flames spread from a garage fire to a power pole.

“We had hoverboards, a lot of electric stuff, and there was a bunch of wooden cabinets in there,” Taytum Chisolm said.

Taytum’s mother, Beth Chisolm, said multiple sentimental items were destroyed in the fire.

“My grandpa built an arbor for our wedding, and it was made of wood, so obviously it’s gone. And the kids had made me some flower pots with their fingerprints on it,” she said.

Beth said her grandfather helped her handpick the wood for her wedding arbor. It stood above the refrigerator that burned in the fire. The arbor, her wedding bouquet, and childhood VHS tapes are gone.

“We had your sister’s bike and the popcorn machine,” Beth said.

Firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire. Lt. Jeremy Simmons said firefighters quickly got the fire out before it spread to the homes.

Beth is thankful no one was hurt.

“Definitely have a new fear that I didn’t have before of my garage just catching on fire while I’m at work, but everybody needs to have their electrical checked out and make sure everything is running okay in their garage,” she said.