GLEN CARBON, Ill. – Randy Romann is a tow truck operator for The Auto Body Shop in Glen Carbon, Illinois. He’s prepared to help drivers this week when winter weather is expected to arrive.

Romann is also warning drivers to slow down because he’s already had several close calls.

“I’ve been out on the interstate, picking up a vehicle, and watched another car driving down an icy road,” he said. “Watch them lose control and took off towards my truck. Moments later, they were literally running through my footprints when they crashed.”

Tow truck operators are included in “Move Over” laws in Missouri and Illinois.

“If you see the flashing lights, please get over,” Romann said. “It’s for safety’s sake.”

He encourages drivers to slow down when approaching a tow truck operator and warns that road conditions could deteriorate this week because of snow.

“Drive like you got grandma in the passenger seat, and she’s got a pot of porridge on her lap,” Romann said.