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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Governor JB Pritzker is encouraging people to once again wear masks indoors. This is due to the fast-spreading delta variant.

Pritzker said people should wear masks even if they’re vaccinated. He said the threat of new strains of COVID-19 makes it urgent for more people to get their shots.

“This virus is very much present, infecting people, hospitalizing some and tragically, killing others every day. Israel, which has led the world in vaccinations has reinstated its indoor mask mandate, and other mitigations in light of fully vaccinated adults getting infected with the delta variant,” Pritzker said.

The CDC is not yet calling for vaccinated people to wear masks. Pritzker said the delta variant is a “growing presence” in Illinois and could dominate cases by this fall.

Health experts warn that it will spread the fastest among people who are not vaccinated.