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WATERLOO, Ill. – Two towns in Metro East have some of the biggest snowfalls in the area. Waterloo received nine inches of snow. Just south of Waterloo, Red Bud got 11 and a half inches of the powdery stuff.

The road from Waterloo to Red Bud was almost clear. Downtown the main intersection is still somewhat snow-packed.

“I do not like driving in it,” said Macey Liefer, who lives in the area. “It’s not my favorite thing. It’s too cold for me.”

Your feet sink deep when you take a stroll through it. There are piles of plowed snow everywhere. The town’s plastic Frosty the Snowmen seem happy a big storm hit, as well as some citizens.

“I love the snow,” said resident Tony Goersch. “We don’t get it very often anymore.”

Back in Waterloo, 14 city employees worked from one day into the next to clear the 80 miles of road in the community.

They put it next to the city’s salt pile. Two huge mounds of snow are now in place. How long before it melts is anyone’s guess.

“I bet a month from now we’ll still have snow there,” Waterloo Mayor Tom Smith said.

Waterloo is a member of the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency, which acts kind of like a co-op. Since it’s one of the only towns that has five huge generators to power the entire community, Waterloo it doing just that. To keep other towns and homes along the grid safe and warm in this bitter cold, Waterloo is creating all of its own power.

“To help with the power grid, we’re generating electric for the grid,” Mayor Smith said. “And no rolling blackouts. We’re producing this town’s electric so it can go to some other towns.”

Waterloo will generate its own electricity for the next 48 hours.