BOND COUNTY, Ill. — Several tornadoes ripped through the St. Louis region during Thursday’s storms, including an EF-1 that touched down in Greenville, Illinois.

Curt Eversgerd, a farmer in Greenville, lost three sheds and some of his sheep. Aerial views from the Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX helicopter captured images of the damage and debris strewn across the farm.

“Initially, I didn’t go out because the power lines were down, but then when I did, I was devastated,” said Eversgerd.  

The National Weather Service confirmed an EF-1 hit the Greenville area between 5:57 p.m. and 6:16 p.m. It carried peak winds of 110 miles per hour. The twister traveled nearly 17 miles over 19 minutes.

“It sounded like a train when it came through,” said Eversgerd.

His family is working to get a makeshift shed to house the remaining sheep, which they plan to sell. Eversgerd said they’re grateful that their house and lives were spared.

Other areas in the Metro East also saw damage from severe storms. In Belleville, high-force winds blew off part of the roof at First Baptist Church, just off of Main Street.

“We do plan on having services on Sunday,” said senior pastor Rick Koonce. “We’ve readjusted things to where we can obviously stay out of that building.  Parking is going to be a little questionable because of the debris that was there. Servpro is working on that.”

On the Missouri side, Franklin County also produced an EF-1 tornado that went through the village of Leslie and delivered gusts up to 100 miles per hour over 1.3 miles. Weaker EF-0 tornadoes hit multiple areas in St. Louis County but still left behind some damage, including downed trees and powerlines.

There have not been any reports of significant injuries.