FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill. – Missouri’s tax-free shopping weekend ended Sunday, but the tax breaks will continue in Illinois for another week.

“I’m going to get a new backpack,” said Grayson Hopkins.

Grayson was shopping at St. Clair Square with his mom, Kendra. He’s going into the third grade and they were shopping for new clothes for the new school year.

“Anime, Fortnite, Roblox; mostly anything video games,” Grayson said.

He handles the fun shopping, while Kendra takes care of the back-to-school necessities.

“I’ve already done all of their school supply lists. I’m a school teacher, so the moment Walmart puts out their crayons and pencils for like 10 cents a box, I grab up as many as I can,” she said.

Kendra said offering 10 days of tax breaks is helpful for parents instead of trying to get everything done in one tax-free weekend.

“I have two younger ones at home that will be coming out to do some school clothes shopping, but we decided to break it up. The older one and the younger ones on a separate day,” she said.

The tax holiday shopping this year means shoppers pay 5% less on clothing and school supplies.

“It’s been beneficial, every dollar that you can save, especially in this economy right now is a dollar that can stretch further for my family. So if I can save $10 on sales tax, then I’m going to come out and take advantage of that,” Kendra said.

The Illinois tax holiday lasts through Sunday, August 14.