LITCHFIELD, Ill. – Police are still investigating a building that collapsed in Litchfield Saturday which trapped 20 people and injured several women and children.

Several people were attending a bridal shower in the building Saturday in Litchfield, Illinois when the brick facade of the structure collapsed on the party.

“It was pretty chaotic, there were people that were very distraught, there were people taken by ambulance so it was very emotional,” said Aimee McCormick, a firefighter for the Litchfield Fire Department.

On Saturday morning, The Litchfield Fire Department received calls for what they originally thought was a building explosion.

When they arrived on the scene along with other emergency crews, they discovered a chunk of the roof and the second floor of the building had collapsed on 20 people. Fire Chief Joe Holomy said they heard the building making odd noises and as the attendees walked outside, the collapse occurred. Several were taken to the hospital with scrapes and bruises.

The rental space and surrounding businesses will be shut down until engineers can determine if the building is stable enough to be rebuilt.

Investigators with the Litchfield Fire Department are still trying to determine what caused the collapse of the two-story building in downtown Litchfield.

FOX 2 reached out to the owners of the building but has not received a response.