BELLEVILLE, Ill. — Robert Tebbe, executive director of enrollment development and institutional planning at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC), is excited about the Illinois budget approved by lawmakers and signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker Tuesday.  The budget will send $5.9 million to SWIC to help with a major endeavor.

The college will be taking over management of the former site of a Lindenwood Campus, located in the west end of Belleville. The location is now referred to as the Belleville Educational Complex.  

“We envision being there for a very long time, so that’s why the planning and the decision-making right now is so important,” said Tebbe.

He said the funding will help provide enough money to take over management of the property, currently owned by the city of Belleville. 

“A lot of that funding will be used to getting things up operationally,” said Tebbe. “There are lawns to be mowed, there’s a technical component, there’s an infrastructure component.”

The goal is to have SWIC’s police academy move from its current campus to the former Lindenwood site this fall.  That move will give cadets an opportunity to live in campus housing.  Tebbe said cadets do not have that option at SWIC’s current location.

The move will also come as the Illinois State Police plan to operate a forensics institute at the Belleville Educational Complex and the Southern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission plans to expand training options.

“So, you have a seamless transition from being trained and potentially you can go right into the workforce immediately,” said Tebbe.

SWIC will also maintain its current presence.  The new site will give them an opportunity to reexamine how to best utilize their current location.

Tebbe said he’s grateful to the work of Belleville Mayor Patti Gregory, college president Nick Mance, state representatives Jay Hoffman and La Toya Greenwood, and state senator Christopher Belt for their efforts to help make the endeavor possible.

He said, “We are very excited.”