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LINCOLN, Ill. – Admit it; you like to peruse real estate listings in your free time. We can’t blame you. Scrolling through photos of random homes on Zillow and the like is a fun way to kill some time.

A recently renovated home just north of Springfield, Illinois has drawn plenty of attention on social media, along with an abundance of jokes.

Dubbed the “goth home” by Twitter user Zillow Gone Wild, this single-family dwelling stands out by being so dark.

Realtor Seth Goodman—located at 110 Edgar Street in Lincoln—said he was always fascinated by the octagon-shaped property. He bought the home in August 2021 and immediately set out to renovate it for potential re-sell.

But after installing a new all-black shingle roof, Goodman went a step further and had the entire exterior redone with black gutters and matching vinyl siding. Goodman loved the look so much he took a page from Mick Jagger’s playbook and said “paint it black” for the interior.

The 1,547 square-foot home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a fireplace, a three-car attached garage, and skylights to provide plenty of natural lighting.

Goodman said he’s received plenty of interest in the home but even if it doesn’t sell, he would not be averse to keeping it.

Below we’ve attached some of our favorite Twitter reactions to the listing. Most seem to like the all-black look, even if it’s not actually goth. Meanwhile, you can see additional photos of the home and find realtor contact information on Zillow.