DUPO, Ill. – Multiple investigations are underway after two people led police on a long-standing pursuit that ended Friday morning near Dupo, Illinois.

Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX captured the moments the driver of the stolen 2015 Nissan Altima surrendered to police on Friday morning, following a 25-minute police chase from one end of Monroe County to the other. But it didn’t start there.

Police say the pursuit stemmed from a strong-armed robbery of a vehicle in Normandy, Missouri, on Thursday evening.

“We’ve had this individual that you know obviously has committed several violent crimes, including robbery, aggravating fleeing and alluding, and possibly armed violence,” said Monroe County Sheriff Neil Rohlfing.

After three sets of spike strips, the car kept going for some time. Rattling on its rims, it suddenly lit up like a firework. Around milemarker 11 on Interstate 255 is where the culprits called it quits.

“We’re gonna chase you, we’re gonna catch you, our state attorneys gonna prosecute you, and our judges are gonna send you to prison,” said Rohlfing amid the investigation Friday.

Then followed a fast arrest and an angry response from the police dog just feet away. It’s almost like he could sniff the slew of criminal charges that plagued both suspects. Once that K-9 searched the vehicle, they uncovered a BB gun that looked like the real thing and something else. There were also some narcotics discovered.

“My guess is once he got out the vehicle and saw the K-9, running, he probably thought that was a bad idea,” said Rohlfing.

The suspect, not yet formally charged, is now in custody at the Monroe County Jail. There is a new no cash bail system that started earlier this week.

“The individual actually did ask us in the county jail, ‘Hey, I heard there’s no cash bail, am I getting released?'” said Rohlfing. “He will be held with no bond with the new law because of the amount of violence involved.”

A new system structure began this week in Illinois. So far, 17 criminals have been let out on the streets. As for the two accused in the pursuit, police say they were a 29-year-old man and 25-year-old woman believed to be in a relationship.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department tells FOX 2 with that new cash bail out, cases like this are occurring more frequently. The two suspects will not face charges until at least Sunday, with a detention hearing following on Monday before any other court proceedings.