MT. OLIVE, Ill. – There was no winner in last week’s Queen of Hearts drawing at Turner Hall in Mt. Olive. That means this Friday’s jackpot will be for an estimated $572,000. There is a lot of excitement about the big prize.

The jackpot grows each week if the person with the winning ticket fails to select the Queen of Hearts from the remaining cards.  There are only two numbers left on the board. The Queen of Spades is worth $500 and the Queen of Hearts takes home the jackpot.

“We will draw one card on Friday. If it’s not the Queen of Hearts, we will have another drawing for a guaranteed winner on the 27th,” states Turner Hall on Facebook.

Ten percent of the proceeds go to the hall, ten percent goes to the city and, ten percent goes to the next jackpot. The rest is yours.   

Mt. Olive Turner Hall is a social club that organizes events to benefit the community. It was formed in 1896 and is a place where people come for sports and entertainment.

You can still pick up the tickets for the drawing. It only costs one dollar to play. They are on sale until 8:30 pm Friday. The big drawing is at 9:00 pm.