LITCHFIELD, Ill. – The investigation into the shooting and killing of a man after an encounter with police officers in Litchfield, Illinois, on Thanksgiving continues.

Police released body camera footage from two of the involved officers. They responded to a call for a suspicious individual with a gun near a fast-food restaurant on Nov. 24.

From one of the cameras, an officer said, “Come here. Let me talk to you. Put your hands up where I can see them.”

Police repeatedly directed the man to raise his hands. At one point, the suspect can be heard talking back to the officers as they continue to shout orders. During one verbal exchange, an officer can be heard ordering the suspect to raise his hands seven times and shouting, “I don’t want to shoot you!”

Police said the armed suspect was trying to hijack a vehicle. The suspect heads on foot away from the officers. They ran after him with more attempts to stop him.

“Come on man,” said one officer. “Look around, it’s over. Drop the gun. Let’s talk.”

Police said the body cameras showed the suspect being tased. The video also appears to show a firearm in the suspect’s hand. Two Litchfield police officers, a Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy, and an Illinois State Police trooper fired their weapons. The suspect was shot and taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The suspect was identified as 41-year-old Shane Boston.

Litchfield resident Cory Carter said the shooting was a shock in what he describes as a small farm town. He believes releasing the video was a good idea and believes the shooting was justified.

“The suspect, I believe, was given multiple chances to, you know, throw his weapon down and surrender,” Carter said. “And chose not to do that.”

The Illinois State Police said that giving the public access to the body camera footage from a fatal shooting on Nov. 24 is in line with their commitment to honesty and openness.

The videos were made public after the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office was asked and given permission.