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BROOKLYN, Ill. – The search continues for the person who struck and killed an Illinois police officer Wednesday morning on the McKinley Bridge.
Officer Brian Pierce Jr., 24, had just deployed stop sticks on the McKinley Bridge in an attempt to stop a fleeing car when he was hit by a red Dodge Charger around 3 a.m. The Dodge Charger was later located abandoned on the Missouri side of the McKinley Bridge.

The Illinois State Police Department is handling the investigation. The pursuit started at a Brooklyn strip club.

Detectives are working to obtain video footage from the business, as well as footage from other area businesses to assist in the investigation.

“As far as reviewing surveillance footage, and all other investigation techniques we use as police, we are doing all those things to make sure we do a thorough investigation,” Master Sgt. Elbert Jennings said.

“Police officers are special people, and in this situation, we have a special person who worked for the Brooklyn police, and unfortunately he died as a result of love for serving the people of Illinois.”

Brooklyn Police are mourning the loss of their colleague. The BackStoppers is assisting with expenses for the fallen officer’s family.
“When there is a line of duty death, we step in and give immediate contact with the family,” said Ron Battell, retired St. Louis County police chief and executive director of The Backstoppers.

“We will give a $10,000 check shortly after the funeral. We will get together with the family and lay out his financial situation. We pay for the education of the kids, health care, and other assistance as needed.”

Family and friends say Pierce always had a passion to protect and serve.

“He was born to be a police officer,” Battelle said. ”They do put their lives on the line every day. I can tell you having been there as a police officer myself, the first responders put their lives on the line if they lose their life.” 

“Backstoppers will be there to help. We have been helping for 60 years and will continue to do that.”

Pierce served with the Brooklyn Police Department for nine months. 

Authorities encourage anyone with information about the crime to contact the Illinois State Police Department.