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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) – Governor J.B Pritzker promised tax relief in this year’s budget. Part of that relief will come in the form of a check directly to your mailbox.

Unlike the stimulus checks sent out by the Federal government in the early stages of the pandemic, the state’s plan will scale based on a person’s tax filings.

If you filed taxes independently in 2021 and made under $200,000, you will be getting at least a $50 check in the mail. Joint filers who brought home less than $400,000 in 2021 will get a $100 check.

The state will send you even more if you have dependents — increasing the total dollar amount by $100 for each independent. It caps at three, however.

That means the maximum amount of money an individual filer could get is $350, and the most a joint filer could get is $400.

The governor signed the budget on Tuesday, meaning those checks are coming, but there is not a hard date set on when they will show up at taxpayers’ homes. The law states the Illinois Department of Revenue will finalize the list on July 5th, so the checks will be sent out some time after then.

All of the data will be determined by 2021 tax filings, so if you didn’t file taxes that year, you will not be getting a check.