ALTON, Ill. — A large arrow shaped marker along the Great River Road near Alton was broken last night. The monument describes the legend of the Piasa Bird mural on the bluffs along the Mississippi River.

The object was placed there in 1984. It has been tipped over before, but never broken.

The Piasa Bird is a legendary creature from Native American mythology that is said to have inhabited the region near Alton, Illinois. The creature is depicted as a large, winged monster with sharp claws and a scaly body.

The mural was spotted by Marquette and Joliet during their 1673 voyage down the Mississippi River. The image was destroyed in the 1850s during quarrying in the area.

A new painting of the bird has since become a popular tourist attraction. The modern-day mural of the creature can be seen on the bluffs near Alton.

Today, the Piasa Bird is a popular symbol of the Alton area, and it is often used in local sports teams and other cultural events.