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GODFREY, Ill. – Following a recent ransomware attack, Lewis & Clark Community College will remain closed for the coming week.

All classes, campus events, program events, and athletic events are canceled. All campus offices will be closed while the college’s IT department continues its work resolving the matter.

Students have been told they will not suffer any academic penalty for this disruption.

The attack occurred last Tuesday. All of the electronic systems on campus were taken offline to prevent further problems. It’s not been made clear how the attack occurred.

“Right now, it feels like quarantine again, and I don’t like it,” said student Paula Bernal. “We have a lot of homework to turn in this week, and we can’t. So, I don’t know what’s going on, but people are getting anxious and stressed.”

Students told FOX 2 they don’t have access to the school’s website, their school email address to communicate with their teachers, or Blackboard, where they usually turn in assignments. 

It’s kind of stressful,” said student Carter Wiegman.  “I mean we have two weeks of school and then we have finals.”

The school’s basketball team was supposed to have a game Wednesday night, but Bernal said that has been canceled too.

“You can’t do work. You can’t go to school. You can’t do sports. You can’t do anything,” she continued.

Lewis & Clark Community College released the following statement:

 “Since discovering this incident, our team has been in close contact with law enforcement and working constantly with data security experts to assess this situation, determine its scope, and bring systems back online as quickly and safely as possible. At this time, the ongoing investigation has not yet determined if any specific information was affected,” the school said in a statement.