BELLEVILLE, Ill. — Some business owners on Main Street in Belleville are excited for a live music event dubbed, “Experience Live Music Row.”  The event will showcase performances at seven different venues in the area on Saturday.  

Some venues will begin at 11 a.m. with music continuing all the way until 11 p.m.  Some of the performances will be outdoors.  The event is part of a broader effort to showcase live music in an area known as Live Music Row. Businesses share weekly updates about which bands and musicians are performing in the area.  

Renae Eichholz is the co-owner of Copper Fire.  The bar and restaurant faced a major challenge from COVID restrictions.  When those restrictions were lifted, a frozen water pipe caused a leak that forced a rebuild of their entire kitchen.  

“We all fought really hard to stay alive during the last couple of years,” said Eichholz.  “We’re all working hard to continue bringing a great experience to people and every one of us down here brings something unique.” 

That uniqueness helped prompt her and other business owners to team up and promote the variety of music performances in the district.  Conni Tilley is co-owner of Venue on Main.  

“I just think people tomorrow will be ready to get out,” she said.

She believes visitors will enjoy what they see and hope they spend some time walking along Main Street Saturday. 

“Enjoy the music, walk the district and see what Belleville has to offer,” said Tilley. 

Bennie Parr is the owner of Bennie’s Pizza Pub.  He credits Tilley, Eichholz, and other owners for finding a way to fight through COVID restrictions and highlight music performances.  

“We have a never give up attitude,” said Parr.  “We always just keep moving forward, eyes forward, don’t look back, and just keep pushing through.”