BELLEVILLE, Ill. — Part of Main Street in Belleville was shut down Friday to celebrate a lumber company’s 150 years in business.

Liese Lumber Company is a historic business in Belleville. It was established in 1872. They celebrated their birthday with a big block party.

“We delivered with horse and buggy for a very long time,” said Mike Lippert, president of Liese Lumber Company. “We actually drive horses through the office that we work at right now.”

Recently, they have three generations working at the same time.

“When I started at the age of 13, I was fortunate enough to work with my grandfather until 2016,” said Mike. Not too many people can say that. He was 97 years old and still coming in. His brother Floyd was the same way. They both were World War II veterans.”

Thomas Lippert of Liese Lumber said Belleville’s support has helped their company.

“It’s expanded our business, and hopefully it keeps going like this. My two sons are doing a very good job,” said Thomas.

Their contractor expo. Bob Allen of Millwork Products from Paducah, Kentucky has been calling on Liese for 38 years.

“We always look forward to this. It’s just really a blowout. They really put on a fine program,” said Allen. “They just do a wonderful job. Great customers, quality people you just can’t beat.”

Even being from Kentucky, he can tell the impact Liese Lumber has had on this city.

“They must be mighty big when you can shut down Main Street to put on your program,” said Allen. “They’re pretty big to this community, and I know they’re well respected.”

Over the 150 years, they’ve had a lot of great memories in the community.

“We’ve done literally hundreds of thousands of homes in 150 years. So, it’s just the people that I’ve met and become friends with through the lumber yard,” said Mike.

There will be a band playing from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and the weather has held up great for Friday’s festivities.