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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ill. – A fire department in St. Clair County, Illinois is warning residents that a man is impersonating a first responder.

Marissa Fire Department Explorers Post 8499 wrote in a Facebook post Monday that a man going by “Dakoda Brewer” is telling people “he can and will respond to their emergency calls and that he is a part” of Post 8499.

Marissa Fire Department said he has claimed to a part of their department as well as Shiloh Illinois Fire Explorers, Fairview Heights Fire Explorers, and Triad Fire Explorers. “He tells people that he responds from his house that is approximately 20-40 minutes from all of these locations and responds to every emergency call,” according to the department.

He has given his number out on Facebook, expecting people to call him if they need help.

“We have reached out to each Department that he claimed to be a part of and found that he is in fact, NOT a part of any department or explorer post that he claims to be a part of,” Marissa Fire Department Explorers Post 8499 said.

The man is not an authorized emergency responder and “should not be responding to any emergencies” in the area.

“If he is caught on a scene or responding to a scene, he will be removed by law enforcement from that scene,” Marissa Fire Department said.

The only number the public should call in event of an emergency is 911.

“The last thing we want is an untrained, unauthorized and unlicensed individual responding to their emergencies and potentially causing more harm than good,” Marrissa Fire Department said.