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ALTON, Ill. – Towards the highest point in Alton, Illinois is one of Madison County’s most historical spots.

Many say McPike Mansion is haunted. Even the owner thinks so.

McPike House was once home to Henry McPike and his family starting back in 1869. The house has not been occupied since the 1950s, at least not by humans.

Sharyn Luedke owned the mansion that is known for its hauntings.

“It is haunted, and I’m like kind of a see it to believe it person,” Luedke said. “My first two experiences was that I tripped on some boards and bricks inside and felt a tug on the side of my warmup jacket that really wasn’t scary. It was like, what was that?

It has even been on the list of the top 10 haunted houses in America. Hundreds of thousands visit hoping to see or hear from the ghost of Henry McPike and the family of spirits that are said to live here.

“I came up here and saw a man in the second-story window about seven weeks after we bought the house and I hadn’t seen any pictures of anyone at that point but I did believe that was Paul Laichinger [the last person to live in the house],” Luedke said.

The cellar of the mansion is used for tours and is a place where many have felt or heard from the spirits. The first tour of the season was on April 30 and a few people got touched and other people saw things.

“I think the spirits were really glad to see everybody. It’s a long winter and nobody comes around. So they’re really happy,” Luedke said.

People have also had baby showers in the cellar and a wedding has been held on the grounds.