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(WMBD) — It’s been a week since four inmates at the Fulton County Jail broke out of a cell, leading police on a five-day manhunt.

The surrounding community remained on edge as officials searched fields and nearby areas for their whereabouts. By July 11, all four men, Eugene Roets, Jessie Davis, Cody Villalobas, and Zachary Hart had been captured and taken back into custody.

Thursday, two men claiming to be Jessie Davis and Cody Villalobas from the Fulton County Jail called the WMBD-TV/WYZZ newsroom. The two men shared how they say they escaped and why they said they did it.

“If you put people in a cage, and you leave them there all day long and then a chance like that just happens, we didn’t even have time to think about it,” the man who identified as Villalobos said.

“We’re not bad people. Negligence and recklessness on [the Fulton County Jail’s] end. They failed to fix whatever the problem was that allowed us to do whatever we did. That’s point-blank period,” said the man who identified as Davis.