MILLSTADT, Ill. – Police in Illinois say they’ve detained someone impersonating law enforcement.

Police shared that they’d been investigating and were able to stop a driver in a Ford Explorer with police equipment and fictitious plates. They said they took the driver into temporary custody and impounded the vehicle, and that the driver is in the process of facing charges.

Millstadt police say the driver will face charges. We’re still waiting to learn their name, what charges they’ll face, or how long they were able to do this.

Millstadt resident David Thornton said he’s surprised someone would think they could get away with this in a small town.

“You got to have some guts to do that; that’s pretty crazy,” he said.

The department said if you believe you were stopped by an individual driving either of these vehicles, or if the driver did anything to represent himself as a law enforcement officer, you’re urged to contact the law enforcement agency which has jurisdiction where the incident occurred.

“It looks pretty authentic. I’ll bet you the guy got the car used,” Waterloo resident George Best said.