CHESTERFILED, Mo. – Road crews on both sides of the river are getting ready to battle the approaching winter weather. They’re also putting out warnings to drivers about staying off the roadways if possible during the storm.

The National Weather Service says with this storm, driving could be very difficult because of blowing and drifting snow, even possible whiteout conditions.

Those conditions could also make it tough for road crews as well.

Both MoDOT and IDOT are still dealing with staffing shortages, which may pose challenges in clearing the roadways once the storm hits. MoDOT shared that they are down 30% statewide.

Whatever the case, authorities with MoDOT and IDOT both told FOX 2 that they are doing all they can to get ready.

A MoDOT spokesperson said crews have been pre-treating roadways for the past two days, and they are doing more Wednesday. IDOT crews will pre-treat roads Wednesday as well.

St. Louis city officials explained that their road crews will begin preparations at noon.

We spoke with both IDOT and MoDOT about the impending winter storm.

“Don’t try to get in the middle of this one because this one is really going to be pretty dangerous,” said Ed Hassinger, MoDOT’s Chief Engineer.

Joe Monroe, IDOT’s Operations Engineer, is telling drivers, “Try to avoid the 24 to 36-hour period starting at about 2 o’clock on Thursday.”

Monroe added, “What we’ve done is get all our trucks back in order and make sure they’re at the maintenance facilities. And then we obviously have taken on orders of calcium chloride to help address the forecast’s extreme cold temperatures.”

MoDOT and IDOT also told FOX 2 the expected brutal conditions coupled with staffing issues could mean it will take longer to clear roadways.

The bottom line for drivers, be careful if you’re heading out once the storm hits and stay home if you don’t need to be on the roads during the dangerous storm times.