ALTON, Ill. – Vandals have knocked over and cracked the marble arrowhead at Piasa Park in Alton that described the legend of the Piasa Bird.

“It was split in half where all the wording is, and some of these chunks came out,” said Michael Haynes, director of Parks and Recreation in Alton. “It would not be easily repairable.”

On the limestone bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River just north of downtown Alton is a painting of the original pictograph of the Piasa Bird. The Piasa Bird is said to be a mythical creature from Native American mythology that lived near the Alton area.

The arrowhead, which was donated by the Illinois State Historical Society in the mid-1980s, is made of marble granite.

Haynes said it isn’t the first time the arrowhead has been toppled. This time, though, it was broken, and he encouraged anyone with information about the vandalism of the arrowhead to contact the Alton Police Department.

“It can be glued back together, but it’s not going to look right,” Haynes said. “We’ll get a quote on what it will take to replace it. We’re also exploring other options such as flat signage, possibly not a monument, do something a little different.”

He said the vandals might have used a vehicle to topple the arrowhead that was originally glued in place. Haynes believes the cost to replace the arrowhead would be around $10,000 or more and said that they’re thinking of revamping ways to represent the legend of the Piasa Bird.

“This park and this area is going to get a significant facelift over the next year or so,” Haynes said. “Along with that, we’re going to try and figure in some new and creative ways to help depict the Piasa Bird.”

To replace the monument, it’s going to take the assistance of the community. Officials said they will be adding extra security and cameras.