WASHINGTON PARK, Ill. – A St. Louis woman whose son was killed in a bizarre police encounter with a Washington Park officer intends to hold investigators to their promise.

It’s been six weeks since she says investigators told her she could watch police video from the incident.

The Washington Park Police Department continues to offer no comment about a case that remains in the hands of the Illinois State Police.

Kyeiree Myers, a 28-year-old father of three, was reportedly not a suspect the night he encountered police and was killed on Aug. 23.

Dorothy Snowden, Myers’ mother, told us two days later that an Illinois State Police investigator said he was gathering police video.

Snowden said he told her, “Maybe about a week or so I will be able to see some type of footage, but trust them on their word that everything they are telling me is accurate and correct.”

That was more than six weeks ago, and she says she’s seen no videos yet. Instead, Snowden only has a police narrative in which her son wasn’t originally a suspect, yet he somehow reportedly hijacked a police car, got shot, then escaped to another county where he was found dead in the middle of the road.

“It was such a strange set of circumstances,” attorney Cannon Lambert Sr. said. Myers’ family has hired him to find the answers.

“It’s disappointing to the family. When they’re told they’re going to get access in certain ways, and then they don’t, it’s what results in families reaching out to folks like me,” he said.

FOX 2 contacted Illinois State Police. A spokesperson said they are still investigating the shooting.

Now, the Myers family is conducting its own investigation.

“We have gone ahead and gotten a second autopsy, and we’re looking at that in comparison to the first,” Lambert said. “And thereafter, if we’re not able to get the sort of cooperation in the way that we hope will give clarity to the family from the police, then we will have no choice but to file suit.”

Myers’ family delayed Kyeiree’s funeral for that second autopsy. They held a prayer and balloon release on Sept. 3. Their independent autopsy also remains under attorney review as the family waits for answers from the police.