NASHVILLE, Ill. – A police officer in Nashville, Illinois, was stabbed in the neck overnight.

Officers conducted a welfare check on a man with mental issues. When they located him, they took him into protective custody with plans to take him to a nearby hospital – but first, they took him to his home to grab some belongings.

While at the home, police shared that the man grabbed a sharp object, stabbed the officer in the neck, and then barricaded himself in the bathroom. After a 6-hour standoff, a SWAT team went in and took the man into custody.

“Obviously he got to one of our own, which unfortunately happens,” Nashville Police Department Lt. Brock Styninger said. “Ya know, we’re human beings too. It happened to one of us, but obviously, our next concern on top of the officer and his injuries is taking the suspect into custody peacefully and him not escaping to allow for anyone else to be placed in danger in a hostage situation or anything like that. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.”

The officer was rushed to a hospital in St. Louis to be treated. Police said the injured officer is stable and is expected to be okay.