SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — A new law recently signed by Governor Pritzker may help college students save some money amidst the high price of tuition.

The new law, sponsored by State Senator Scott Bennett (D-Champaign), requires universities to give students access to online versions of their course materials on the first day of class. These online alternatives would be priced at a significantly lower cost than printed textbooks.

“In the fight to make college more affordable and accessible for Illinois families, we can’t overlook the rising costs of textbooks,” Bennett said. “It’s become apparent that traditional publishers are not providing students the materials they need at a cost they can afford so we have to consider cost-saving alternatives.”

The Education Data Initiative found that students pay an average of $1200 for textbooks.

Bennett worked closely with the University of Illinois to introduce this legislation and see it signed into law. The new law takes effect immediately.

“With this new law, higher education institutions will put course materials in students’ hands the right way and at the right price,” Bennett said.