BRADLEY, Ill. – Another Illinois officer was shot and killed Wednesday. The Bradley Police Department says that an officer was shot and killed outside of a hotel at around 9:30 pm. They are currently looking for 25-year-old Darius Sullivan and 26-year-old Xandria Harris. Police said Sullivan may be armed and dangerous.

Darius Sullivan (left) and Xandria Harris (right)

A report of barking dogs sent officers to the Comfort Inn along State Route 50. The hotel is located in Bradley, Illinois. The community is located around 70 miles south of Chicago. They found the animals in a parked vehicle.

The officers talked to the owner of the vehicle in a hotel room. A statement from the Bradley Police Department says that the officers were attacked during the conversation. Both officers were shot in the incident.

Marlene Rittmanic

The officers were taken to the hospital. One of the officers has died and the other is in critical condition. The Kankakee Coroner’s Office identified the officer as Marlene Rittmanic.

The investigation was transferred to the Illinois State Police. Call (815) 698-2315 if you have any information in this case. There is a $10,000.00 reward offered for information leading to an arrest.

A man is in Clinton County Jail for allegedly killing an Illinois deputy early Wednesday morning and later shooting someone in St. Peters, Missouri during a carjacking.

Statement from the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police:

“In less than 24 hours we have lost two of the state’s finest public servants, both dedicated officers whose murders are a senseless, reprehensible stain on humanity during what should be a season of peace. To be shot to death while helping a stranded motorist or gunned down while trying to quiet a barking dog is further evidence that more criminals are becoming emboldened by the continuing false narrative that police officers are the bad guys. When is it going to stop? How many more officers’ families will be left to grieve while the real bad guys continue to slaughter those in uniform? As we enter a new year we urge all Illinoisans to grieve alongside these officers’ families, and to let all who will listen know that we will no longer tolerate an environment where wearing a badge makes you a target.”