EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. – Saturday marks one year since an EF-3 tornado ripped through an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville.

The path of destruction tore apart a warehouse, a community, and families.

“It was a devastating time, and this community is still in mourning over that devastation,” said Kelly Nantel, director of global media relations for Amazon. “Our family lost people in that tornado, and my colleagues are still grieving, as are those families.”

The night changed many things and policies. Amazon increased the number of emergency drills, and everyone at every location has the emergency response protocols hanging on their badge.

“It includes a map of the facility and where the shelter-in-place area is,” Nantel said. “It includes how to respond after the emergency is over. That goes to every employee, every visitor on our site, every partner who comes in.”

The same policy will be in place once they move back into the warehouse.

“We’re a tenant in the building. We don’t own the building, and the landlord is required to rebuild the building back to its pre-tornado conditions,” Nantel said. “That’s what is happening. That doesn’t prevent us from taking actions that we have control over, things like enhanced emergency response preparedness. We don’t have a date of when it will come back online, but we are committed to using the building. It will come online for us as dictated by our business needs, so we don’t know exactly what that will look like.”