GRANITE CITY, Ill. – Hoax threats at schools across Illinois on Wednesday brought panic to parents and students. FOX 2 was amid the frantic scene in Granite City.

Though we now know no one was hurt after a false alarm, you might never know it, based on what it looked like on Nameoki Road between 10 a.m. and noon Wednesday.

From the air, video captured by Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX showed the tremendous police response surrounding both Granite City High School and Coolidge Junior High. Hundreds of parents lined the road across the street, waiting for answers.

“It’s been hectic. You don’t know what’s going on over there,” said Vivian O’Brian, a student’s grandmother.

From the ground, you could see families frantically texting their sons and daughters. Parents dropped what they were doing to get as close as they cold to the schools.

“I immediately got up and ran out and got here as soon as possible,” said Sharmill Davis.

One parent said she drove from work in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Police departments from at least six jurisdictions surrounded the schools, closely watching every entrance. Word quickly spread that everyone inside was safe.

“I just got a text from (my daughter) about 10 minutes ago,” Davis said. “I was really scared, but I was relieved to know that she was ok.”

It was one of more than a dozen reported false alarms across Illinois. But anxious parents would not relax until they could see their child.

“I’m still tense,” O’Brian said.

After two long hours – lockdown ended just after noon.

“People were saying a bunch of different things. I didn’t know what was going on,” said junior Ryan McLauphlin.

Granite City School District #9 Superintendent Stephanie Cann added, “Although this an unfortunate situation, we are extremely pleased there was no credible threat.”

Students heard it started because of someone who did not want to take a test.

“They’re going to have to take it again,” McLauphlin said. “Either way, it doesn’t matter.”

Major Nick Novacich, Granite City Police Department, said they had support on the ground from both state and federal agencies. For years, the feds have been warning about the consequence of hoaxes like this, trying to avoid having a young person begin their adult life in a federal prison.

“It was outstanding to see the response that we had,” Novacich said. “It was very humbling to see that this many agencies would all come together for one incident.”