GRAFTON, Ill. – The snowy weather seen across the river in Illinois. Parts of the Mississippi river even icing over with patches of snow floating down the water.

Earlier in downtown Alton much of the little snow they did get is already melting away. But for some business owners, what remnants are left are a slippery concern for patrons.

“Partially melting away during the day and then it gets cold in the evening, refreezes, and gets more slippery. So we shovel up as much as we can and throw some salt down and melt the rest of it,” said Mike Kelly, owner of Alton Cracker Factory.

Over in Grafton, residents from all over Jersey County flock to the Loading Dock for some indoor/outdoor winter fun. Kids of all ages enjoy the cold air while showing off their moves on the rink.

“I am not a fan of winter, we’re boaters we like being out on the river all summer long but when the weather turns and gets funky, this is the best thing to do with your friends and family,” said said Fosterburg resident Amy Cochran.

Whatever you do, just make sure to bundle up as the winter weather continues.