BOND COUNTY, Ill. – An animal rescue team from Missouri made a 250-mile roundtrip into southern Illinois two weeks ago to rescue a horse that had fallen into the basement of a home.

According to Bill Schmidt, president of the MERS – Large Animal Rescue team, the group received a call around 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 28, about a horse in need of rescue in Sorento, Illinois.

The 8-year-old horse had fallen through an egress window and into the basement.

Schmidt said a veterinarian was already at the scene.

Seven members of the Large Animal Rescue team arrived at the home by 8:30 p.m.

The horse had suffered some small cuts, but was otherwise calm and healthy.

After consulting with the on-site veterinarian, Schmidt said the team determined the only realistic way to get the horse free was to guide him up a narrow staircase and onto the first floor of the home.

The veterinarian gave the horse a mild sedative while the owners cleared the basement of broken glass and mirrors, and moved any potential tripping hazards out of the way.

Schmidt said the team provided a “forward assist” to stabilize the horse and support the animal as he traversed the stairs.

The horse made his way up, slowly but surely, through the kitchen, and then out a sliding door and onto the patio.

The horse is expected to recover from the ordeal.