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MILLSTADT, Ill.– St. Louis University is grounding its Piper fleet after one of them made an emergency landing in a field this morning. Officials say the plane went down near State Rt. 163 and Imbs Station Road.

St. Louis University President released a statement this afternoon saying a student and instructor worked together to avert disaster when the aircraft lost power.

The plane went down in a farm field nearly 7 miles from the St. Louis Downtown Airport and Parks College’s Center for Aviation Studies in Cahokia.

The school says the student was practicing basic flight maneuvers between 8 am and 9 am with a flight instructor serving as co-pilot when the plane suddenly lost power.

The two reportedly worked together to position the aircraft to glide to an emergency landing on its fixed wheels.

SLU said it is grounding its 4 Piper aircraft until maintenance crews and federal aviation investigators can diagnose the reason the plane unexpectedly lost power.

There are 124 aviation science students taking flight training at the Center for Aviation Sciences this semester.