O’FALLON, Ill. – The O’Fallon Police Department is currently working to locate an Amazon delivery driver who was seen picking up a dropped wallet. Since it was picked up on Saturday, several fraudulent charges were made to the victim’s credit card.

The moments where the driver got out of his car, picked up the wallet, and headed into the store were caught on surveillance video. The camera also caught him leaving that store without turning the wallet in.

Now, police are looking to locate him. They hope to find out more about how he could be involved or if he is connected to the string of charges to the card.

In search of more answers, police could not get a response out of Amazon’s subpoena department. That’s when the O’Fallon Police Department, and the shop where the wallet was found, Tye Dye Iguana, took the information to social media. Soon, comments came in, with people saying they have seen him out on local deliveries, even working in the same facility as him.

“I don’t care where Amazon is at, whether its New York or California or where, they have records for everybody that works for them,” Jim Cohan said.

From police chief to corrections, Cohan has years of experience in law enforcement. He believes, the lack of information provided by Amazon upon initial request is upsetting.

After the driver left, police tell us someone used a credit card in that wallet within minutes to make a slew of online purchases, totaling around $1,500.

Now on the search for more information, Cohan explains, “Somebody knows that driver…” his frustration sits around the fact that Amazon was not forthcoming with information.

“He spoke with an Amazon representative, who wouldn’t provide any information on the Amazon driver,” said Lt. Patrick Feldhake, O’Fallon Police Department.

Looking for a helping hand who could lead them in the right direction, that’s when police took the case to social media. Soon, the Facebook post was flooded with responses. Amazon then reached back out to the police department clarifying that they are more than willing to assist with the investigation and provide information as it becomes available.

Part of the problem in locating the man, could be because Amazon operates its driving delivery services through subcontractors. With third parties involved, there could be another chain of communication still in the works.

“As far as what they’re doing with the actual company he works for, I’m not sure,” Feldhake said.

According to employees that work at one of the dispatch warehouses, they’ve seen him working at the Pontoon location before.

As they search for the Amazon driver in search of more answers, it’s important to note that police say, the delivery man found the wallet. As of right now, they do not know who used the credit card. They want to talk to the delivery driver about the wallet he found on the parking lot.

FOX 2 has reached out to Amazon, as well as the dispatch location where the driver has been seen before, but no responses have been made.