St. Charles man dead after officer-involved shooting in Red Bud


RANDOLPH COUNTY, Ill. – A St. Charles man is dead after an officer-involved shooting in Red Bud. Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker released details about the incident while the investigation is still ongoing.

Walker said Timothy Snyder, 27, was shot and killed.

Investigators say Snyder was driving a stolen motorcycle erratically through Randolph County around 1:40 p.m. on West Market (IL Route 3) near the North County Country Club. A sheriff’s deputy tried to pull him over but Snyder allegedly didn’t stop.

Walker said one deputy initiated a pursuit and clocked him speeding about 90 miles per hour but eventually stopped the chase.

Snyder was then spotted near the town of Chester. Walker said Snyder changed directions several times and at one point was clocked going 103 miles per hour. Officers did not put their lights and sirens on at any other time.

Walker says the motorcycle, stolen from St. Louis but registered to an owner in O’Fallon, Ill., ended up in a ditch in Red Bud. He says it is unclear how it got there.

The state’s attorney says one officer approaches Snyder and an altercation ensued. Another officer arrived on the scene. One of the Red Bud officers used his stun gun but that didn’t subdue Snyder.

During the struggle, Walker claims Snyder removed a 9mm gun and shot Officer Michael Collins in the leg.

Authorities released a portion of a Officer Collins’ call for help after he was shot.

“I’ve been shot,” Collins says over his police radio. He also asks for an ambulance and gives his location. 

The other officer repeatedly asked the suspect to drop his weapon but he did not comply. That officer shot the suspect four times.

“During that struggle, the male suspect removed a 9mm handgun from his waist area and shot Officer Collins in the right calf,” Walker said. “Officer Collins then radioed for an ambulance. (Red Bud) Officer (Luke) Horrell then told the suspect on repeated occasions to drop the weapon.  He refused and Officer Horrell removes his 9mm service weapon and discharges it four times and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.”   

Walker said a large amount of methamphetamine, scales, and baggies were found in Snyder’s backpack.

It’s unknown at this point whether Snyder was “driving under the influence. Lab results are pending.  

Collins was treated at a St. Louis area hospital and released. He’s been a peace officer for 11.5 years; Horrell for 9 years. 

Horrell has been cooperative with the investigation and has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation into this matter. 

There had never been a fatal police shooting in Red Bud prior to this one, Walker said.   

He invited Snyder’s loved ones to the news conference. They attended. They said they came to find out more about how and why Snyder was killed. They declined interviews. 

Walker said there are no formal decisions made yet and the investigation is still ongoing but he wanted to get the information out in an effort to be transparent.

Base upon current information, criminal charges against either officer seemed unlikely, Walker said. 

Illinois State Police took control of the scene and investigation. 

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