WATERLOO, Ill. – Another big crowd turned out in Waterloo, Illinois on Tuesday night. A Queen of Hearts jackpot at Outsider Tavern was worth $413,222. The weekly drawing is getting the attention of visitors from around the world.

“We’ve had some people from Germany,” said Donovan Melican, owner of Outsider Tavern. “We’ve had some people from Quebec.”

Tickets are sold at the tavern. The raffle is part of a fundraiser for Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School. With no winner on Tuesday, the jackpot could grow to nearly $500,000. The winner gets 80% of the jackpot, with the rest going to the school’s general revenue fund.

“It also helps to keep tuition down for our families and make it affordable for those who would like to attend,” said Lori Matzenbacher, school principal.

The raffle involved guessing which card was the Queen of Hearts. At the start of Tuesday’s drawing, 24 cards were remaining. There will be 23 cards to choose from next Tuesday.

“A lot of people going to our stores in town,” said Mayor Tom Smith of Waterloo.

Smith said Market Street has been closed on the nights of drawings to make the area safer and accommodate the large crowds.

Winners must be present to win their full share. If they’re not present, they win half the jackpot. The rest of the money is used to start the next jackpot.

To purchase the tickets, you must be at least 21 years old and have a driver’s license number to purchase a $1 ticket. Purchasers can buy as many tickets as they want.

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