EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – Crews on both sides of the river are getting ready to battle the winter storm and clear roadways as quickly as possible. Weather-wise, driving conditions in the area are good Tuesday morning.

Wednesday morning though could be a much different story. The approaching winter storm could certainly make driving difficult around the region.

MoDOT is urging drivers to be aware of changing road conditions Tuesday night into Wednesday morning as the storm impacts our area. Authorities believe enough snow will fall to make for some very challenging driving conditions during the commute Wednesday morning.

MoDOT said crews will be out Tuesday night as the weather conditions start to change, then crews will stay out for as long as it takes to clear the roads.

Joe Monroe with IDOT told FOX 2 that he is watching the forecast closely as the storm approaches.

Monroe also shared that his crews will pre-treat some sheltered bridges, but he does not plan to do any wide scale pre-treating because the rain which is expected to precede the snow will wash the pre-treatment away.

He explained that ahead of the storm, crews are fixing potholes and making sure all of their equipment is in working order.

“We’re actually focusing on trying to get the potholes filled with it being forecast as a wet pretty heavy snow – then temperatures in subsequent days actually cooling off we’re really trying to make sure we’re in good shape coming out of the storm.”

“I’ve been stuck on the highway out here on 55 and 70 for like three hours before. So try to at least keep some water, make sure you’ve got enough fuel in your vehicle. And keep your phone charged because you never know what could happen.” 

IDOT and MoDOT will of course fine tune their plans Tuesday.