COLUMBIA, Ill. – As the worker shortage continues, some businesses are turning to machines for help.

Meet Rosie the robot who help serves at Top Shooters Bar and Grill in Columbia, Illinois.

“So, she’ll go to the table,” said Shannon Hood, manager of Top Shooters Bar & Grill. “The bartenders will greet her at the table and give the customers their food.”

The general manager of the store location, Mary Mantz said having the robot turned out well for them, especially, when the restaurant gets busy.

“I mean just how well it’s worked out feasibly for us,” Mantz said. “We’re a busy restaurant and bar, so sometimes it’s hard to navigate through people and she navigates pretty well through people. Sometimes, she gets stuck but for the most part, she can get through the crowd of people. It’s great.”

Top Shooters Bar and Grill tested the robot at a recent National Restaurant Food Association convention in Chicago before bringing the robot to the restaurant.

The owner of Top Shooters Bar and Grill, Nikki Wheeler said the robot is not taking jobs away but assisting the kitchen and wait staff.

“She’s here every day, ready to work, and does an average of 165 tables a day. She lasts about 16 hours,” Wheeler said. “We haven’t had an issue with her dying in the middle of our lunch rush or dinner or anything, so yeah.”

Rosie the robot has resulted in positive reviews by Top Shooters staff and customers.

“It was nice,” said Leo Zima. “It was good to help them, and she was able to bring our three meals. One person was able to serve us. It didn’t require another person to have a plate in their hand too.”

Top Shooters said they are still hiring people, and Rosie the robot will be waiting in the kitchen for the next table of hungry customers.