BELLEVILLE Ill. — St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department in Belleville has been receiving many calls about someone posing as Chief Deputy Thomas Knapp.  The officer is real but someone is his name to make fake demands and threats.

Police say that the person is calling victims from a number that shows up as 618-737-7650. The person on the phone says they have a fine or a warrant that they need to take care of it. They want the victims to pay over the telephone using a credit card or checking account. They may also ask for payment in Bitcoin.

The Sherrif department says that they will not contact you over the phone to request any form of payment for any reason. The department assures the public that these are not law officers. 

If you are suspicious of any call that you receive, please contact our office at 618-277-3505 or our dispatch center non-emergency line at 618-825-2051.