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EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. – In need of a quick siesta during the midst of a study session? The Lovejoy Library at Southern Illinois University Edwarsdville can help you catch some Zs.

“We’ve seen a lot of use,” said Lis Pankl, Dean of Library and Information Services at SIUE. “It is first come, first serve. So, we don’t know how many are using it, but we do know we have people doing rotations throughout the library to do the cleaning and make sure everything is okay and they’re being used quite a bit.”

Universities are where are you go to find knowledge. But you can find nap pods on the third floor of the Lovejoy Library.

“They’re nap pods and it’s a trend not only in academic campuses but you’re seeing them in airports and hospitals,” Pankl said. “Any place where people kind of need to rest and recharge and that’s the purpose of them. To do that.”

SIUE purchased a pair of pods in 2019 but then the pandemic hit and it wasn’t until Jan. 2021 that students in the dogged pursuit of an education could catch a catnap here.

“The motivation was really to promote wellness and safety and increase learning,” Pankl said. “Just sort of making the library that third place for students. They have the home and the classrooms, and they have a third place they can come and take a break and recharge on campus. SIUE being so close to St. Louis we do have a number of students driving 20 or 30 minutes.”

The retro sci-if looking nap pods have lights and music to help recharge batteries and offer rest for a moment, before it’s back to the books and computers and the last eight weeks of the semester.

“Research has shown naps can help things like memory, preparation for future learning, and also issues of emotional stability,” Pankl said. “If someone is feeling overwhelmed and they need to get away to a quiet place.”