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BELLEVILLE, Ill. – The first snow of the season has arrived to the surprise of many after temperatures peaked up to 80 degrees just a few days ago.

While heavy snow stayed away from much of St. Louis City and St. Louis County overnight, some folks in the Metro East woke up to a blanket of snow Saturday morning. Projections show up to five inches fell overnight in Belleville.

“I was completely surprised. I had no idea it was going to snow,” said Kylee Wolf. “I also don’t really check the weather at all as it is. But it’s just so crazy that just the other day it was in the upper 70s, and now we have four inches of snow on the ground.”

People donned their winter coats, hats and gloves as they woke up to snow, frigid temperatures and gusty winds.

“I had to use a spatula to scrape the ice off of the ice machine, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to do that,” said Wolf.

Co-Owner of Grim & Gorly Flowers & Gifts, Jeff Bair, was preparing flowers for an outdoor wedding. He said he was unfazed by the weather.

“I always tell people I wear shorts until the snow flies,” said Bair.

Despite the frigid temperatures, the snow served as a reminder that the holidays are right around the corner.

“We have our holiday stuff up, and we’re ready,” said Bair. “We’ve had tons of customers in buying Christmas and doing everything the right direction. People are calling to have their trees decorated, so it’s just awesome.”

“I would love a white Christmas, so I hope today is kind of a depiction of how December will go,” said Wolf.