ST. LOUIS – Amy Garrison lives on a quiet farm with her husband in southern Illinois. She enjoys the peace and quiet of Fayette County, but is living in constant pain.

Garrison said a portion of an epidural needle is stuck in her spine. She said it was nearly 20 years ago when she gave birth at a naval hospital in Florida. Garrison said an anesthesiologist at that hospital broke off the needle in her spine and never told her what happened.

“I’m just tired of hurting,” she said. The needle was not discovered until years later. Garrison filed a lawsuit, but a judge dismissed her case. Garrison’s story generated national headlines at the time.

“Every day, I take medicine just so I can get through the day,” she said.

Garrison consulted with her co-workers and friends and decided to turn to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis for help. She asked doctors to remove the needle, even though Garrison was told risks include possible paralysis.

“I am really scared, but I got to know what it feels like to be without pain and just hope it works,” Garrison said.

She is scheduled to have surgery Monday. Garrison said the pain she feels includes a burning sensation in her legs, buttocks and feet. She said even trying to sleep hurts.

“I’m just tired of it,” she said.