Swansea Police officer helps deliver baby boy on Mother’s Day


SWANSEA, Ill. – A special surprise on Mother’s Day for a family in Swansea, Illinois as they welcomed a newborn baby. And it was a local police officer who used her nursing background to help deliver the baby boy.

Swansea Fire Chief Christopher Tell witnessed something special Sunday evening while responding to an EMS call.

“The fire department responded with the Swansea Police Department for a report of a female that was possibly in labor,” he said.

Turns out, she was.

“The police officers on scene stated that the woman was in active labor and they said that the baby was coming,” Tell said.

A Facebook post from the Swansea Police Department says officers Jader and Huff were the first to arrive on the scene followed by the fire department and Abbott EMS.

From Officer Huff’s experience in nursing school, she noticed a significant prolapse of the mother’s bladder and began instructing the mother.

“She assisted the mother very professionally with helping deliver that child at home,” Tell said.

The fire chief tell said it was amazing to see Huff in action as they all welcomed baby Judah.

“We could actually hear the mother kind of a screaming a little bit due to the location of the bathroom,” Tell said. “Went inside and the mother had already delivered a healthy baby boy. Everyone seemed to be doing good.”

The Swansea fire and police departments work very close together. Fire Chief Tell said Officer Huff did a tremendous job and he’s glad to have a person like her in their community.

“She’s very professional and very quick to forward when needed,” he said.

Officer Huff later followed up with the hospital to confirm the mother and baby are doing well – and they are.

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