Swansea woman believes Amazon driver faked delivery, stole packages


SWANSEA, Ill. – A Swansea resident is questioning Amazon’s privacy policies as her packages never get delivered, the driver using an old picture to show her packages were delivered.

Saturday evening, Melissa Brenner received a delivery notification that her two Amazon packages had been delivered. She and her husband double-checked the photo sent by their delivery driver and were confused.

“He came back in and said they’re not here,” she said. “And I noticed that the picture looked a little bit different. It was very off from what our picture on our doorstep looks like now.”

The picture shows two packages on her porch. The only thing is the welcome mat was gone and the door frame was different.

Melissa says she’s convinced her driver used an old picture and stole her items.

“I kind of felt like it was an intrusion because how many pictures do you have of my house that you were able to find a picture with the same number of packages that were delivered on that same day,” said Brenner.

Brenner ordered a tee shirt and sunglasses. She admits it’s not much but it brings up an issue.

“I’m not a big corporation like Amazon, so everything I get I work for. So the fact that somebody’s job was to deliver my packages, said they were delivered, went back into my history, found an old picture of my front door from before we remolded,” said Brenner. “I felt deceived.”

She now doesn’t know how many packages might have been stolen without her knowing.

“I wonder how many people that are on our same route didn’t get their packages,” said Brenner.

She hopes sharing her story will make others think twice before blowing off a missing package as nothing.

“People need to be aware, it’s just not ok,” said Brenner.

Brenner has reached out to Amazon for help. They say they’ll replace the order but she’s not satisfied. Something she’ll think about next time she orders something online.

FOX 2 has reached out to Amazon multiple times and has not heard back.

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