BELLEVILLE, Ill. – As Chris Eckert walks through his Belleville peach farm, he sees the same thing every peach farmer is dealing with across the country.

“The damage this year was more than we anticipated,” Eckert said on Thursday.

Unpredictable weather throughout the U.S. is causing major peach shortages.

“All of the peach growers here have suffered some kind of damage,” Eckert said.

In Georgia, more than 90 percent of the state’s crop was lost. In Belleville, Eckert considers his loss this season significant.

“It definitely is a belt-tightening year for us here at Eckert’s,” he said.

A major shortage that Eckert believes will likely cost you more at the grocery store, where finding homegrown peaches will likely be a challenge.

“You can already see higher prices for peaches in the grocery store,” Eckert said. “Getting homegrown peaches is going to be very difficult to find in the Midwest this year as well.”

Eckert’s Farms is dealing with some peach shortages, but Eckert said the farm still has several full crops of peaches. So, its supply to Schnucks or its pick-your-own option at the farm will not be greatly impacted.